Oracle Forms still continues to be a part of mainstream technology for many organizations, although it is one of the oldest technology in existence, that is and has been, used by Oracle to build enterprise applications. As business requirements change over the years and new challenges arise, Oracle has consistently kept up with these needs by providing upgraded versions of Forms. New technology advances provide access to better functionality, more convenience with better cost savings.

Are you an existing Oracle Forms applications customer who would like to modernize your legacy applications and move them into the Java world? Would you like to modernize your legacy Oracle Forms applications to improve your overall costs? If yes, the Oracle Forms to ADF Transformation Assessment is for you. Avulze has the technology and expertise to help you make the optimal choice.

Avulze Forms Migration Solution

With the Oracle Forms Migration Solution, Avulze offers you unmatched cost, quality, and time benefits. A one-stop-shop solution brings you a roadmap for forms migration and application modernization, assessment study, planning, installation, technical and database migration.

Our approach combines

  • Retention of the business logic
  • Consistent re-architecture with business agility
  • Effective use of automated tool

How Avulze make difference?

  • An established practice of Oracle Technology with Forms and Reports experts, technical, and subject matter experts
  • Labs for tools and automations
  • Seamless collaboration for faster turnarounds

In addition to this, our Application Maintenance Console captures the entire code, using it for optimization, reuse, and high-level impact analysis.

  • Deep modernization expertise
    • Experts with two decades of experience in legacy modernization programs
    • Multi-layer Technology Insights
    • Use of established Tools and Accelerators
  • Partnership Level Approach
    • Benefit from Oracle’s enhanced availability, reliability, scalability, and cost efficiency, while enabling an easier integration with other applications.
  • Digital Capabilities
    • Integration with SMAC technologies.
  • Dedicated CoE
    • Reduce Implementation efforts by 20-30%
    • Pre-built artifacts, industry standard process
    • Flows, requirement maps, configuration sets, interface adapters
  • Methodologies
    • Combination of approaches to optimize customer investment while reducing time-to-market.