Today’s IT solutions increasingly leverage multiple heterogeneous platforms for mission-critical applications. Additionally, just as enterprise applications extend farther into the mobile and cloud space, businesses face an ever more challenging landscape and tighter regulatory controls in order to protect their brands and meet the demands of the marketplace. Today’s enterprises must therefore operate with sophisticated, secure, and scalable means to assign, monitor, and control access to company resources. Oracle Identity Management is a complete and integrated, next-generation identity management platform that provides breakthrough scalability, enables organizations to achieve rapid compliance with regulatory mandates, secures sensitive applications and data regardless of whether they are hosted on premise or in a cloud, and reduces operational costs.

Identity Management will become more complex as technology advances and its strategic value to business grows. Avulze can help you simplify this challenge so that you can concentrate on what matters most to your core business. Being an Oracle Platinum Partner Avulze has developed deep IDM expertise in various areas and our specific service offerings include:

  • Oracle Access Manager
  • Oracle Adaptive Access Manager
  • Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On (eSSO)
  • Oracle Mobile and Single Sign-On
  • Oracle Identity Governance (Identity Manager, Privileged Account Management and Identity Analytics)
  • Oracle Internet Directory Services (Internet Directory, Virtual Directory, Unified Directory)

We help enterprises envision build and operate enterprise identity and access management system, with the Oracle Identity Governance and Access Management Suite. Apart from identity and access management solution for enterprise applications hosted in data center and accessed from corporate network, we provide solutions for user management and cross domain single sign-on with Cloud-hosted application and third party-hosted applications.

Avulze’s integrated Oracle services leverages the strength of its multi-functional team across geographies to deliver consistent and high-quality services in a competitive manner. Further, Avulze’s diverse engagement models helps enhance service quality and resolve client business issues without having to navigate the complexities of a traditional multi-function shared services model.

To accelerate the implementation and deployment of your new identity management infrastructure, contact Avulze today!